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These are 5 Best American Christian Family Movies to watch.

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5 American Christian Family Movies

1. Victor

 Victor is an American Christian Family Movie of 2015, written by Thomas Ward and Brandon Dickerson (also the director).

 Victor is a play acted based on a true life story in the dark streets of Brooklyn in the years,1962.

 It features a teenager, Puerto Rico who was enslaved by addiction and the influence of bad companies.

 Victor has a reality of faith to unleash the power that makes free, the enslaved. And to overcome, he had to find it.

 This film lines on the love of a mother, the influence on the son and the reality of overcoming faith.

2. I Am Gabriel

 I Am Gabriel is an American Christian Family Movie produced in the year 2012, written by Mike NorrisNeal OdomKaci Him and directed by Mike Norris.

 It features a small town in Texas which was rendered desolate and hopeless.

 In the light of hope, came the appearance of a young boy with a praying mat, whose origin could not be traced.

 The boy was found along the road by a family who decided to render help to the hopeless boy. Little did they know he came to help them and the people.

 He kept making it known with miracles which made the people to accept him. When the town doctor died, he was challenged and had to reveal his true identity. What do you think? 


3. God Bless The Broken Road

 God Bless The Broken Road is an American Christian Movie produced in the year 2018.

 It was directed by Harold Cronk based on the 1994 song titled, Bless The Broken Road.

 God Bless The Broken Road tells the story of a woman who lost her husband in the Afghanistan war and was faced with the challenge of raising her only daughter.

 According to the play, Amber who lost her husband in the war, was said to have lost her faith but had the seed of faith in her heart.

 She struggles to raise her daughter, Bree, while rejecting help from her mother in-law and others. 

 At the tunnel, she was seen returning to the church and singing, Bless The Broken Road. Alot to expect from this Faith Based film!

4. The Prayer Box

 The Prayer Box is an American Christian Family Movie of the year 2018 by Pure Flix. 


 Starring Reginald VelJohnson and Denise Richards, The Prayer Box was written by Trisha Mammen and directed by Kevan Otto.

 The Prayer Box is a faith based film that tells the story of a young believing boy and his sick sister.

 The young boy who wasn't willing to see his sister kick the bucket, went to seek God's attention and healing for his sister.

 The Prayer Box features the real life, painful experiences of many people even in the church.

 The issues of unanswered prayers and the show of a church leader, disposing the prayer requests of church members in a trash can, comically has a lot of lessons to teach.

 Watch and see how God shows up amidst all of these, in the midst of all of them and with the believing young boy!

5. The Robe

 The Robe is an American Christian Family Movie of 1953, adapted from the book, titled, The Robe by Llords Douglas.

 This film's screenplay was written by Philip Dunne and directed by Henry Koster.

 The Robe is a play that takes us back to the time of Christ, under the Roman province of Judea.

 It tells the story of a man called Marcellus Gallio, one among those ordered to crucify the Christ.

 According to the play, Marcellus won the robe of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion but was later tormented for what he did.

 Yet to believe in Jesus Christ, Marcellus returned to Palestine, and trying to learn about the man he crucified.

 This is another touching side of the story of Christ for every Christian Family to watch!

 Although all the above mentioned American Christian Family Movie has been criticized and welcomed by many people all over the world, we would equally welcome your own recommendations in the comment section.

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